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I love all types of residential and commercial roof repair. Free inspection and roof assessment. $299 and up winter special (A) Blow clean entire roof (B) Blow clean all gutters and repair gutters where needed (C) Blow clean all downspouts and repair downspouts where needed. (D) Waterproof and secure flashing around chimney (E) Water proof and secure skylights. (F) Water proof and secure all roof vent pipes. (G) Secure or replace missing roof shingles. (H) Secure and replace missing ridge capping. (I) Secure and nail down any top trim gutters, facer, ridge trim. If your shingles are starting to crack or curl, indication improper ventilation, we will inspect the entire attic, to make sure you have proper ventilation in celling in peak, and in soffit area.  Specifications from shingle manafacuates, if you don’t have proper soffit and peak venting, your roof shingle warranty is questionable. For $299 we can do A to Z work. Inspect your entire roof inside and out. For possible mold condensation and improper ventilation. If you look at your roof sheeting inside your attic and you see gray or black stains “that is mold”. If your attic is propley ventilated, you will eliminate most problems and give a longer life to your roofing system.

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